Tips for Cleaning and Sanitizing in the Kitchen

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Tips And Techniques | 0 comments

photo: Good Soul Shop on Unsplash


As we are all so keenly aware these days, good hygiene, cleaning and sanitation practices are crucial to our health and well-being.  Kitchens are high touch areas and naturally create environments for germs and pathogens to settle on surfaces.  These germs and pathogens can cause foodborne and other types of illnesses.

Aren’t CLEANING and SANITIZING the same thing?  The short answer is no.

  • Cleaning is removing dirt and debris from surfaces usually by using soap and hot water.
  • Sanitizing is reducing or removing the germs and pathogens on the surface by using a disinfectant.

If a surface is not properly cleaned first, a sanitizer will not fully do its job and be effective.  And, simply rinsing a surface will not be enough to remove what you don’t want lingering.

To incorporate effective cleaning and sanitizing practices into your routine, check out these resources –