About Love + Craft Kitchen
and Chef Susan Denzer

Love + Craft Kitchen is a boutique cooking class and recipe development business founded by Chef Susan Denzer. My mission is to help others create delicious, flavorful cuisine and food products using quality ingredients as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Chef Susan Denzer

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces –
just good food from fresh ingredients.”

– Julia Child


I like to say that it all started with an Easy Bake Oven! At an early age, a passion for cooking and baking developed within me, and that passion has never faded. Whether cooking alongside my mother or grandmother, or trying a recipe on my own, cooking was a creative way in which I expressed loved and care for others.

Professionally, I have an MAEd in Education and am formally trained in Culinary Arts. I spent many years as a classroom teacher, corporate training leader, and in various restaurant, catering, and culinary director positions. I am a ServSafe Certified Food Manager and regularly attend culinary and health and wellness classes, workshops, and conferences. It is my goal to share my experience and information with others in a fun, relaxed, and encouraging manner.

In the ever-changing world of dietary advice, I take a general “less processed” approach to cooking based on the highly regarded principles of three eating approaches – the Mediterranean diet, DASH, and Food as Medicine. My focus is on selecting good quality vegetables, fruit, proteins, whole grains, legumes, healthier fats, herbs and spices to create delicious meals that leave one feeling satisfied rather than wanting or deprived.

Cooking is truly a significant part of my lifestyle along with –

  • trying new restaurants
  • checking out farmers markets and specialty food stores
  • sharing meals with my husband, family and friends
  • meeting new people and making connections
  • attending social and cultural events
  • gardening
  • reading
  • taking long power walks, hikes and biking
  • refreshing my soul with time by the ocean


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Small Businesses

Food Entrepreneurs
Bed & Breakfasts
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