Warm, Welcoming, Mediterranean-Inspired Winter Menu

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Warm, Welcoming, Mediterranean-Inspired Winter Menu


Change up your winter gatherings with this warm and welcoming Mediterranean menu!

As we gather with family and friends for the holidays and other winter events, food is almost always the centerpiece. For many, the holidays are all about tradition – having that special menu that is only enjoyed that one day out of the year. Yet, for those days surrounding “the” holiday, it’s nice to have a menu that is warm, welcoming, and perhaps a bit different to serve family and friends. It’s even better when all or part of the menu can be prepared ahead! For a flavorful, comforting, and healthy change from traditional fare, give this Mediterranean-inspired winter menu a try.


Mediterranean-Inspired Winter Menu

This day-of or make-ahead menu works well for both entertaining guests as well as for a quiet weeknight dinner, providing that comforting “hug” we all crave at this time of year!


Make-Ahead Plan

  • For the stew – prepare it, cool completely, and then refrigerate for later use. As with many stews, the flavors meld and deepen over time.  Add a bit more stock if needed when reheating to bring to the desired consistency.
  • For the salad – prep the salad ingredients, cover and chill; mix the vinaigrette and store a room temperature until ready to use. Shake the vinaigrette, then dress the salad just before serving.
  • For the cake – bake and allow to cool; prepare and chill the cream.


What is a tagine?

If you are unfamiliar with the term tagine, it has two meanings – first, it refers to a conical-shaped piece of North African cookware, and second, a rich and savory, slow-cooked stew.  The two-piece cookware is traditionally made of clay or ceramic.  Its tall, cone-shaped top rests on a low, wide base that holds the food. As the stew ingredients are slowly cooked, the moisture rises and collects at the top of the cone and then circulates back down to the base.

There are many beautiful choices for tagine pots – some handmade and hand-painted, and other more contemporary versions like my Le Creuset model.




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