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Cooking Demonstration for Healthcare Provider

HealthEast Care System

HealthEast is a health care organization dedicated to optimal health and well-being.  As part of ongoing patient education, HealthEast offers classes, workshops and events on a variety of health and wellness topics.  This request was made by a committee organizing a health and wellness event.

“Using Healthy Oils and Vinegar”
Plan and develop a cooking session to raise awareness on the benefits of healthy oils and vinegar and demonstrate easy ways to use them.


  • Demonstrate three easy to make recipes using healthy oils and vinegar.
  • Conduct an oil and vinegar tasting to help educate participants on the differences in taste.
  • Provide recipes to attendees of the foods demonstrated during the event, along with two additional recipes (5 total) for participants to try at home.

The cooking demonstration was well attended with participants engaged, interested and appreciative of the information shared.  Positive feedback was received following the event. The event planning committee was pleased with the content and instruction and requested a return visit at a future event.