Non-Profit Organization

Creation of Custom Guidebook for Implementing a Shared-Use Commercial Kitchen Rental Program

Non-Profit Organization


This well-established non-profit organization produces meals every weekday morning in their large commercial kitchen.  As a means to supplement funding for their programming, they desired to rent out their kitchen space to food entrepreneurs and other food businesses during off hours.


This project was a collaboration with a partner food business consultant in providing information on the set-up and operation of a shared-use commercial kitchen.  Project deliverables included:

  • compilation of a local marketplace survey
  • a customized, step-by-step guidebook encompassing
    • information on set-up, management and operations of the shared-use kitchen
    • identification of types of products and food businesses appropriate for the operation


The organization recently launched the shared-use commercial kitchen rental program and has begun successfully working with early-stage and established food entrepreneurs producing their products in the space.  They look forward to reviewing their progress and financials at the designated times.