Helping to bring
delicious, better quality
food products and meals
to the table.

Recipe + Food Product Development Consulting

Develop, standardize, and test recipes to fit each client’s brand, audience, and needs.

Food and Recipe Writing

Write recipes and create custom content about food and cooking for publications, marketing, and commercial use.


I am Susan, a professionally-trained chef, educator, and small business owner specializing in recipe and product development, and food and recipe writing. I created Love + Craft Kitchen, a boutique culinary consulting business, to support and empower both food businesses and home cooks.

As a recipe development chef, I assist established food businesses and newcomers in bringing delicious, quality food products to market with recipe development, standardization, testing, and consulting services.

As a freelance writer, I craft a wide range of articles and recipes to share information and inspire cooks of all levels in their kitchen adventures.


I’d love to work with you.


Located in Raleigh, NC, Love + Craft Kitchen works with clients all across the United States.

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