Recipe + Food Product Development Consulting


Inspiration, imagination, research, and experimentation are key components of the recipe and food product development process. Whether starting from scratch or enhancing what is already in place, Chef Susan works with food entrepreneurs, brands, and others to create delicious recipes and products to fit their brand, audience, and needs.

Susan can also standardize and test recipes for accuracy of ingredient amounts, taste and flavors, process and cooking times, quality, and yield.

“When I tell my business story, Love + Craft Kitchen is all over it. Chef Susan and her colleague not only helped me develop my salad dressing recipe, but also ‘held my hand’ as they took me from food novice to food producer. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for me.”

MV Salads, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

We can’t say enough about how fun it was to work with Chef Susan at Love + Craft Kitchen to create custom recipes for our Bed and Breakfast–our guests simply rave about her breakfast creations both in flavor and appearance. We appreciated Susan’s professionalism and attention to detail in structuring the recipes, including presentation tips, so the recipes were easy to prepare and produced quality dishes each time. Thank you for being a part of making our business a success!”

– Corban Manor Inn, St. Paul, MN

I have worked with Susan at Love and Craft Kitchen on several projects. Susan is highly skilled in taking conceptual food product ideas and making them real. I especially appreciate the process she uses to create the different flavors profiles I am looking for in my products.

King Fykia Superfood Snacks and Seasonings

Chef Susan helped me standardize my family recipe and processes for a product I plan to bring to market. I found her help invaluable. She not only worked with me in her RD kitchen to ensure the recipe was just right but also helped me get my routines down for production in a shared commercial kitchen. I really appreciated her support!

T.R., Portland, OR


Through her recipe creation, consulting, and writing, Susan supports both food businesses and home cooks in bringing delicious, flavorful food products and meals to the table with a focus on using better quality, healthier ingredients.

Chef Susan works with:

  • Specialty Food Entrepreneurs: taking food product concepts or home recipes to the recipe prototype level ready for the early stages of the food manufacturing process
  • Food and Equipment Brands and Retailers: creating custom recipes that promote your product and brand, increase sales and customer loyalty
  • Bed & Breakfasts, Small Restaurants, and Cafés: creating new recipes or enhancing current recipes to start or refresh menus
  • Food Marketing Companies and Others: creating recipes for consumer use

Each project is unique and customized. Package and ala carte pricing is quoted per hour or by project. Chef Susan provides a free 45-minute consultation, followed by a comprehensive project proposal.

Consulting Packages:

  • Recipe Development, Standardization, and Testing
  • Concept Exploration and Product Ideation
  • Market Readiness for New Food Products

Ala Carte Services:

  • Product Ideation
  • Market Research
  • Initial Steps to Commercialization
  • Shared Use Commercial Kitchen or Co-Packer Research
  • Recipe Standardization
  • Recipe Testing
  • Recipe Development for Marketing Purposes




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